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PSLabor Updates

JCC of Rochester Employees Vote NO against SEIU 200 United


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Rochester, New York) By an overwhelming majority, teachers and aides of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Rochester, New York, voted no against union representation by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 200 United preserving their valued union free advantages. The involved staff is employed by the Wolk Children’s Center, an early childhood campus located within the JCC.  The election was held by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) through a secret ballot election. Final tally was conducted on Friday, October 5th, at the JCC’s main campus and was facilitated by the NLRB Regional Director.

Of the nearly 50 involved employees, 48 ballots were counted; the final tally was 27 (NO) against 17 (YES) in favor of remaining union free. In addition, 5 ballots were challenged, however considered “undeterminative” to the outcome by the NLRB Regional Director.

Campaign communications on behalf of the JCC were orchestrated under the advisement of retained counsel, Nixon Peabody, and through the direction of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLC) who specializes in labor concerns.

With this matter behind us, “I am relieved to say everyone is back to work and ready to move on by working together to solve the issues that resulted in this situation” states Leslie Berkowitz, Executive Director of the HCC of Greater Rochester. “We are looking forward to working with the teachers and creating a happy and productive work environment for all”.

Ricardo Torres, President of PSLC says, ” When you step into the JCC, you encounter remarkable people, dedicated volunteers and a wide-array of year-round programs, activities and special events. The JCC is clearly committed to enriching the lives of their members and the community. Most importantly, the JCC of Rochester is dedicated to its loyal employees who seamlessly work in concert to maintain the JCC’s proud traditional experience.”

Dan Block, PSLC VP of Client Relations adds, “The Wolk [Childrens Center] employees demonstrated their individual choice on this matter which is exactly how the system should work. As the government’s own publication states, ‘Long experience has taught us that when parties fully understand their rights and obligations [pertaining to labor relations] they are more ready and able to adjust their differences voluntarily’ without the need of a third party. (citing the Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act, prepared in the office of the NLRB General Counsel).

Torres goes on to say, “Again, the SEIU tried every trick in the book to win this election including intimation and harassment through corporate campaign-style tactics against the JCC.  The SEIU attempted to rally around local politicians who think more about union assistance and money [PAC contributions] in their quest to stay in office than they do for the working class.  The employees saw past the smoke and mirrors and realized that the best way proceed was to work with management in an effort to rebuild trust and move forward towards a goal of positive employee relations and a work environment both employees and management can be proud of.”

Torres adds, “We are extremely pleased with the result of this election. We feel optimistic about the opportunity granted to our client in that this experience has opened the eyes and hearts of all involved. Truly, a stronger, more trusting, relationship will develop as outcome from this campaign and the JCC of Greater Rochester will solidify its success by insulating their vulnerabilities to union attacks in the future.”

About Permanent Solutions:  Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. ( is a global Labor Relations and Human Resource consulting firm specializing in both healthcare and non-healthcare environments. Permanent Solutions consultants are former Union organizers and former Human Resource executives with extensive union campaign experience who have made it their personal missions to promote positive employee relations in a union-free environment. For more information about this subject or to learn more about Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, please call 313-914-2017 (corp office) or via email