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PSLabor Updates

Press Release on the Arc of Monroe Union Election (New York)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Rochester, New York) In an unprecedented event, the Individual Service Specialist (ISS) and Resident Assistant Managers (RAM) of the Arc of Monroe County voted NO against union representation by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 200 United preserving their valued union free advantages.  The election was held by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ordered mail-in ballot. Final tally was conducted today, July 17, at the NLRB Region 3 Office in Buffalo NY, facilitated by the NLRB Regional Director this morning.

Of the nearly 400 involved employees, 265 ballots were counted; the final tally was 142 (NO) against and 115 (YES) in favor of union representation. In addition, 10 ballots were voided and 9 ballots were challenged. The challenged ballots were considered “undeterminative” to the outcome by the NLRB Regional Director.

Campaign efforts on behalf of the Arc of Monroe were orchestrated by Arc leadership under the advisement of retained counsel, Underberg & Kessler, and through the expert direction of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLC).

In a separate election held Friday, July 13, by in-house secret ballot, the drivers of Arc of Monroe County also voted down SEIU 200 United representation by a significant margin of 24 (NO) to 15 (YES).

“The democratic secret ballot election process prevailed once again.” stated Amed Santana, Vice President, Labor Consulting Division, PSLC. Reflective of their position on labor relations, “The Arc of Monroe employees spoke up and had the last word; not the press or some misinformed community leaders. Democracy won out and the Arc of Monroe employees chose to remain union free securing their flexibility which has been the cornerstone to their success for more than half a century.”

Ricardo Torres, President of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, states “The Arc of Monroe County has a fine history of caring for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families in the Rochester community for over 50 years. Our entire team came away from this experience with a profound respect for them; the Arc of Monroe, their people and their mission.  These are truly dedicated people.”

Torres goes on to say, “The SEIU tried every trick in the book to win this election including intimation, harassment, to using corporate campaign-style tactics against this fine institution. It was hard to watch the SEIU union brutally attack this organization and its officers; to personally attack the President, Arc Board Members, Arc supports and others in the news media, at public functions and in their own parking lots. The SEIU attempted to rally around local politicians who think more about union assistance and money [PAC contributions] in their quest to stay in office then they do for the fine people who struggle everyday to make positive changes for those who need it the most.”

“On behalf of our entire PSLC team, we congratulate the employees of ARC of Monroe who saw through the tactics fostered by SEIU 200 United and voted NO.” Acting quickly to partner with Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, “the Arc of Monroe took complete advantage of time, working 24/7, to inform their employees of the facts and consequences of unionization. This is just another example of how a short election cycle could harm and even destroy companies like the Arc of Monroe.”

Ricardo continues, “We were very disappointed by the NLRB’s decision to conduct the election for the ISS personnel by mail-in ballot because of the lack of confidentiality protections and low employee participation rates.” Mail balloting is a rarely used procedure currently available to the NLRB in situations where traditional voting at the workplace is impractical. “Regardless, we were able to get the message out and inform the employees involved concerning the seriousness of the matter and the importance to vote. End result; the employees expressed their rights to vote and they chose to remain union-free.”

Torres adds, “We are extremely pleased with the results of both elections. We feel optimistic about the opportunity granted to our client in that this experience has opened the eyes and hearts of all involved. Truly, a stronger, more trusting, relationship will develop as outcome from this campaign and Arc of Monroe will solidify its competitive edge by insulating their vulnerabilities to union attacks in the future.”

About Permanent Solutions:  Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. ( is a global Labor Relations and Human Resource consulting firm specializing in both healthcare and non-healthcare environments. Our consultants are former Union organizers and former Human Resource executives with extensive union campaign experience who have made it their personal missions to promote positive employee relations in a union-free environment. For more information about this subject or to learn more about Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, please call 313-914-2017 (corp office) or via email