Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

In a rapidly changing global economy, PSLC believes in a labor relations policy that promotes flexibility, productivity, quality, fairness and equal opportunity to participate in decisions affecting one’s future success.

PSLC believes in an employee relations environment that values individual workers and is fundamentally pro-employee and pro-employer.

PSLC believes such practices emphasize direct, personal, and individual relationships among all in a concerted effort toward mutual success in business.

Although unions are often regressive and abusive, PSLC recognizes the legally protected rights of all employees to organize and form unions through the engagement of concerted activity and collective bargaining. More importantly, PSLC appreciates the same legal protection which respectfully allows employees to remain union-free, preserving their individuality and business transparency.

Though it recognizes organized labor's rich heritage and its role in the progression of workers' rights, PSLC does not endorse compulsory unionism. PSLC believes in the freedom of choice.

Therefore, PSLC opposes laws, government policies and company etiquettes which foster institutional power of unions to the detriment of individual employee freedoms and the expansion of business opportunities.