History of Permanent Solutions

History of Permanent Solutions

Before Permanent Solutions (1978-2001)

Ricardo Torres began his career by working as a Lobbyist with the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C. He later moved on to be a high ranking union official within the Teamsters and Steelworkers. Ricardo brought over 1,000 campaigns to election throughout the world. Ricardo was instrumental in the deployment of the curriculum at the AFL-CIO Organizers Institute (George Meaney Institute). He counseled many unions when developing new strategies and tactics. In fact, many of these strategies and tactics are the ones that unions are using today.

The First 10 Years (2001-2011)

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants (PSLabor) started by providing both former union organizers and top management officers, with the goal of assisting legal teams and companies with their efforts to keep unions out.

When Ricardo formed his new company in 2001, he thought long and hard about a name. He named the company Permanent Solutions because his goal was to provide true "Permanent Solutions" to issues by raising levels of employee engagement and morale and by promoting positive employee relations that eliminate the need for third party representation.

Permanent Solutions had an astounding a 100% win-rate in full campaigns inside the U.S. and a near perfect record outside the U.S. This amazing record was made possible because of our unique edge. We know how unions think, when they are ready to act, and how to counter their every move.

Addition of HR Services (2011-Present)

In January of 2011, Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants added a full line of Human Resource services. It became clear that many of the labor issues that lead to union campaigns could have been prevented. Because of this, PSLC added many programs that will serve as roadmaps for management teams in their efforts to proactively promote positive employee relations within their organizations.

Part of this process includes basic HR services such as development of policies and procedures, benefit analysis, succession planning etc. The other part includes high-level coaching programs for management designed to bring positive employee relations into an organization's DNA.

From Healthcare to Corporations to Government systems, PSLC has a program ready to accomplish your goal of providing your management team with the education and tools to promote positive employee relations.

PSLC's Human Resource Programs are head and shoulders above the rest. Just as with our union avoidance programs, we developed our Human Resources programs with a purpose. We go in to each client's organization with the goal of identifying and implementing a "Permanent Solution" to their issues. When we leave an organization, we leave them ready to move forward and ready to serve as a model of employment that other companies strive to be.