Our Team / Key Personnel

Our Team / Key Personnel

Doug Grima – Senior Consultant

Doug Grima

Senior Consultant

Doug Grima, Senior Consultant, joined Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. in 2010. At PSLC, Doug is responsible for management/employee education, serves as a direct persuader in union campaigns, and provides 1st and 2nd chair negotiation services. With experience throughout the country, with virtually every union, Doug has an uncanny ability to quickly connect with workers and management and achieves the highest ratings in client satisfaction.

Doug has a background over 35 years of union experience, ranging from Committeeman, Employee Assistance Representative, Organizer, Shop Committee Chairman, and local union President. As Shop Committee Chairman, Doug negotiated many contracts for the union. As President of one of the largest amalgamated UAW locals in the country (UAW Local 174), he represented close to one hundred units and more than 7,000 members. Doug negotiated hundreds of contracts during his term as local President, in such industries as varied as manufacturing, assistant prosecutors, childcare services to firefighters, as well as employees of grant-funded non-profits. Due to his negotiation and organizing experience, Doug became very adept at working under pressure to meet deadlines and has never missed one.

During Doug’s time in the union, he learned that he had a propensity to develop healthy relationships with the management of the companies that he organized. As Doug came to the realization that the unions no longer had the same level of interest in employee job satisfaction as the majority of business owners and business leaders did, he began his journey to working with management. Ultimately, Doug left the unions and is now dedicated to assisting management in maintaining a union-free status while promoting best practices in positive employee relations.

Doug holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources/Employee Relations, as well as Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, with a minor in Labor Studies.