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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Permanent Solutions in the Rochester area. Just to give you an idea of the type of outfit this is, allow me to give you a little background on the company. The founder and CEO’s name is Ricardo Torres. He began his career as a union organizer and ended up as a high-ranking official with the Teamsters and later for the Steelworkers. He brags about his “inside knowledge” of how unions think and operate, and claims that he founded Permanent Solutions after leaving unions due to his experience of the “unethical world that unions created.”

He worked within labor unions between 1978 and 2001….he certainly didn’t seem to mind taking the salary paid for by the sweat off of union members’ backs for 23 years, did he? The website continues to spell out the services they offer to employers: training, consulting and public speaking seminars, spilling the secret inside details of the “Big Labor Machine.” Torres uses his 23 years working with Labor to promote his scab operation, helping Fortune 500 businesses destroy organizing attempts.

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C.A., Human Resources Director for a Government Arms Contractor

It is with great pleasure that I share my experiences with Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants. I first met Ricardo Torres in 2008 and hired his company to train my company’s supervisors. Ricardo and his team certainly did a good job in covering the obvious elements of how the NLRB interprets the National Labor Relations Act and the rules that apply during an organizing campaign. Of far more value, however, was the training that the PSLC team provided in how to build a positive employee relations environment such that employees feel no need for third party intervention. Ricardo and his consultants are experts in this area and shared best practices that any business can implement. In 2013, I hired PSLC again to train our Senior Leadership. The challenge this time was a little different. We wanted them to simulate what an organizing campaign can look like on the floor. After a day of meeting with some of our key leaders discussing the workforce challenges we face, Ricardo and his team were able to train our Senior Leadership in the key actions they can take to discourage employees from turning to a union. In a realistic way, we role-played the tactics that organizers use, which allowed our team insight into how to better shape our communication efforts. Throughout both engagements, the PSLC Team was very easy to engage and deploy as a strategic partner. I highly recommend PSLC to any company looking to strengthen their relationship with their workforce or train their management to build a positive environment where employees feel no need to form a union.

M.U., Senior Vice President for a Michigan-Based Logistics Company

The PSLC Team was able to establish control of our union campaign by the end of the first day on the job site. We are a large logistics company and have been targeted by the union over the past few years. They had managed to persuade over 80% of our employees to support a petition to join a union. By the time the vote for representation came around, 80% of the employees supported the company. The PSLC team of consultants impressed me because they did not resort to “dirty” tactics. They were professional and thorough. They were able to use facts about the union against them and use their real world experiences to help the employees understand what they were about to get themselves into. The other thing that impressed me so much about PSLC was that by the time they left, we were running our operations in a manner that allowed for successful collaborative efforts with employee involvement. This was 3 years ago. Today, our turnover is negligible and our employees come to work with smiles on their faces every day. We still use PSLC to perform annual union avoidance and employee engagement training for our management team. It is an investment well spent.

Brian Sampson, Board Chair, Arc of Monroe County, Rochester, NY

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. If you are headed into an organizing effort, you need them on your team.

As the Board Chair of a $38M not for profit agency dedicated to serving people with developmental disabilities, we understood all too well what it meant should an organizing effort be successful. It would undermine our ability to work with our staff, it would change the culture of our organization, and it would jeopardize the services we provide. So we partnered with PSLC in an effort to defeat the organizing effort. And we were successful.

Rick and his staff become a part of your team. They stand with you at every juncture of the process. They are there to help with all of the communications with the staff, they help to formulate the messages that are delivered, and they make sure that you have whatever advantages are possible. The understand the tactics of the union and help to establish counterarguments to each and every inaccurate point brought up by the union.

But most importantly, they are there 24/7. Whether it was early morning meetings with staff, one on one meetings with the overnight crew, or dealing with the media, they are right next to you helping to guide you toward the outcome you want/need…a defeat of the organizing movement.

I fully recommend working with Rick and the PSLC team. It is a wise and prudent investment for the health, safety, and financial viability of your organization. You cannot, and should not, go into battle without them.