Labor Movement Update 9/5/2013
Summer/Fall 2013

Now that there is an unquestioned, fully-seated NLRB with distinct pro-labor leanings, we expect to see more aggressive union activity and tactics, as demonstrated by the recent attacks on the fast food industry. Rick and Cliff are joined by Randy Stevenson, of Baird Holm, to discuss the 2013 summer wind-down and to predict near-future changes in the labor movement.

On this episode of PSLaborTalk, we are looking at the current happenings in the labor movement. With a pro-labor, fully-seated NLRB we are expecting elevated union activity with more aggressive tactics in the near future. This has been evident by some of the recent attacks on the fast food industry that have made national headlines.

Join Ricardo Torres, a former high-level union official and current President and CEO of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, which specializes in working with management in positioning them to use positive employee relations as a tool to make union free part of his clients' corporate DNA. We are joined by Randy Stevenson, a seasoned labor attorney out of Omaha, Nebraska. Randy is a partner at the Baird Holm law firm. We are also joined by Cliff Hammond, a former SEIU attorney who now works exclusively with management with Nemeth Burwell out of Detroit. Together, we will be discussing what is happening now as we wind down the summer of 2013 and making some predictions of how the current labor movement will shift in the not-so-distant future.


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