Common Mistakes in Union Avoidance

Fall/Winter 2013

Managers and supervisors often make critical mistakes before, during, and after union campaigns and union activity that violate the National Labor Relations Act. These mistakes not only lead to costly litigation, but also tend to lead to decreased levels of morale and productivity. Fortunately, these mistakes also serve as lessons that others may learn from.

Ricardo Torres
Jeffrey T. Harrison
Dale L. Deitchler
Bob Carroll


On this episode, we are joined by Ricardo Torres, Jeff Harrison and Dale Deitchler. Torres is a former high-level union official and currently serves as the President of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, where he works with management teams throughout the country to assist them in using positive employee relations as means to remain union free. Harrison and Deitchler are prominent labor attorneys with Littler Mendelson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this PodCast, host Bob Carroll along with Torres, Harrison and Deitchler dissect mistakes made before, during, and after union campaigns and provide solutions to prevent them from happening in first place.


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