Marijuana in the Workplace

Legalization of marijuana is spreading throughout the US. Michigan, along with several other states, has legalized marijuana for recreational, in addition to medicinal, use. What do you need to know to protect yourself and your business?

Ricardo Torres
Clifford L. Hammond
Bob Carroll


Drug Free Workplace

In this episode of PSLabor Talk, host Bob Carroll is joined by Ricardo Torres, President of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, and Cliff Hammond, Senior Attorney at Foster Swift.

Together, the three talk about the issues raised as states move towards legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and/or recreational use. While marijuana use is still prohibited by federal law, marijuana is nonetheless becoming big business.

Regardless of anyone's personal opinion on the legalization of marijuana and other drugs, leaders in the workplace must be aware of the associated risks, especially with a drug like marijuana, which has no conclusive test to tell if your employees are "high" in the workplace. It is critical to understand that, even if usage is "legal", impairment related injuries in the workplace and the associated loss of production from substance use (whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, methamphetimines, etc.) still affect the job.

Join us as we discuss how you can best protect your business in this new environment and where we see this concern moving in the future.


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