Right to Know

Separating Fact from Fiction in Right to Work Legislation

Our topic on this edition is the ever-controversial Right to Work legislation.

Reynaldo Velazquez
Suzanne Geimer
Ricardo Torres


In this episode of PSLaborTalk, Ricardo Torres, President & CEO of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, is joined by Reynaldo Velazquez, a seasoned labor lawyer with Ford Harrison in Florida, and Suzanne Geimer, a Southern California-based nurses' rights activist and on-the-ground warrior who has led the charge in providing nurses with an avenue to working in a union free environment.

Our topic is the ever-controversial Right to Work legislation. We will be discussing some key points about Right to Work, with a focus on separating fact from fiction. Throughout the country, there have been a lot of questions and concerns about Right to Work, especially with Michigan's (PSLabor's home state) recent passage of Right to Work laws. The passage of Right to Work in Michigan was made amidst a flurry of controversy.


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