Unions Are Big Business

In this Podcast, host Bob Carroll and Ricardo Torres look at unions as a business, examine why employees being represented by unions don't understand that unions are a business, and also review some of the recent actions at the NLRB.

Ricardo Torres
Bob Carroll


Unions are a big business, with enormous revenue streams coming from their membership dues. They are top-down organizations where the people on top have control, power, and wealth. Yet, somehow, unions manage to successfully present a picture of corporate greed and vilify corporate leadership for building their wealth off the "backs of the workers".

Please join us as we peel back the layers of the union "onion" and demonstrate just how similar unions are to any other corporation. We will also discuss recent actions at the National Labor Relations Board and some of the likely changes we will see in 2014 that will effect the way companies work to maintain their union-free advantage.

On this episode, we are joined by Ricardo Torres, a former high-level union official who currently serves as the president of Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants. At PSLC, he works with management teams throughout the country to assist them in using positive employee relations as a means to remain union free.


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