Confessions of a Union Organizer

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"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Read full story Listening to the Rolling Stones last week reminded me of an alliance forged between the California Nurses Association (CNA) and the United Steelworkers (USW). While the USW wouldn't get what they wanted, the CNA surely got what they needed. (full story)

Hotel California

Read full story Unions historically had a difficult time organizing hotel- and associated service-workers, despite the fact that they are generally paid lower wages and work with higher demands than most other workers. They have a lower level of sophistication when it comes to fighting management without union assistance, but they comprise one of the most resourceful and ready-to-fight categories of non-unionized workers. Bad management have no one but themselves to blame in many situations as they have become complacent in their mistreatment of employees. The ample supply of low-skilled workers feed both of these issues as managers can quickly and easily replace any employee who even appears to be organizing. (full story)

Organizing on the Killing Floor

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In my past, I worked as a high-ranking union official and National Organizing Director within the union machine. Back then; we would set our sights on the easiest targets to quickly raise our membership levels. There were many circumstances that... (full story)

Could the NLRA become a Pro-Union Manifesto?

Read full story This is a companion piece to our recent InsideEdge newsletter of the same title. That piece examines a recent pro-union, "equal opportunity" gag rule petition that 106 professor and academics submitted to the NLRB that would force employers to pay for the privilege of letting the union communicate with their employees. (full story)

Under the Bus

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Lately, I have been reading about union “solidarity” in the newspaper and watching several news stories claiming that public unions have come together to aid union protesters in Egypt. Several union leaders have credited themselves with the fall of the... (full story)

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