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PSLabor News Inc. warehouse workers in Minnesota plan to strike during the online retailer’s summer sales extravaganza, a sign that labor unrest persists even after the company committed to paying all employees at least $15 an hour last year. Read Story
0SHARES EmailRSSSubscribe via washingtonexaminer: CNN has agreed to pay $70 million to settle a 15-year-old labor lawsuit brought by over 200 former CNN camera operators, broadcast engineers, and other technicians. The group of employees sued the network after it replaced them with non-union workers. The plaintiffs accused the network of cutting them in order to avoid negotiating with their union and violating federal labor laws. CNN held that it was not legally required to work with the union because the workers were contractors through Team Video Services. The settlement, which was agreed to by both parties, must still be approved by the National Labor Relations Board.   A significant part of the lawsuit hinged on whether CNN could be considered a “joint employer” of contractors that also freelance for other companies. A joint-employer status would grant the workers’ union a much greater legal foundation to negotiate with the network.     193 views Read Story
Trump’s threat of tariffs ignores the fact that today’s auto industry is truly international, and trying to separate it would be virtually impossible. Read Story
The airline and pilots' union will hold talks to avoid a potentially disruptive summer walkout. Read Story
The bitter conflict in 1892 at his steel plant in Homestead, Pennsylvania revealed Andrew Carnegie's conflicting beliefs regarding the rights of labor. Read Story
Porters, cleaners and security staff in Bradford plan to walk out for seven days... Read Story
Tech workers at Silicon Valleys largest companies have engaged in an unusual degree of activism over the past few years. Read Story
The Korean Postal Workers’ Union has decided to scrap its plans for an all-out strike initially scheduled to take place this week, narrowly avoiding what would have been the country’s worst-ever delay in postal services, the union said Monday.“It was a difficult decision, but the government said... Read Story
The EVA Air cabin crew strike will come to an end at midnight on 10 July, nearly three weeks on, as union members reached an agreement with airline management. Read Story
Taiwan airline EVA Air has reached an agreement with a union of flight attendants to end the longest strike in Taiwan\'s aviation history. Read Story
The Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) has announced a suspension of the seven-month-old strike by the joint workers union with... Read Story
Teachers at Ilford County High School have announced three days of strike action citing... Read Story