"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

Human Resources / Labor Relations Outsourcing

Our team season veterans in the fields of Human Resources and Labor Relations are your solution when you need that extra help to strengthen your employee engagement and labor relations. Whether you need to build an HR system of your own, to build a firewall between the unions and your employees, or simply need support working with an already organized workforce, PSLC has the unique skills and abilities to help position your organization where you want to it be. Our seasoned HR professionals with proven success in both union free and unionized environments are available to assist you on an on-call, 24/7 basis.

Human Resources Outsourcing Services

  • Handbook and Policies & Procedures Review and/or Development
  • Benefits Programs
  • EAP Programs
  • Orientation Development
  • Exit Interviews and Statistical Tracking
  • EEOC Complaints Resolution
  • Termination Reviews
  • I-9 Audits
  • Annual Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Annual Training in HIPPA, Harassment, Compliance, Employee Relations and more
  • Cost Management
  • Workers Compensation
  • Recruiting
  • Background Checks
  • Managing a Latino Workforce
  • Document Translations (Handbooks, Policies & Procedures, HR Forms, etc.

Labor Relations Outsourcing Services

  • Union Avoidance Strategies
  • Union Avoidance Campaigns
  • Decertification Campaigns
  • Management Training
    • "How to Work with Unions"
    • "Employee Relations in a Union Environment"
  • Contract Negotiations (First and Second Chair)
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Arbitrations
  • Strike Contingency Planning
  • NLRB ULP Charge Resolution (Note: PSLC does not represent clients in front of the NLRB. We assist the client and their legal counsel with strategy and ensuring that proper documentation is presented so that the client is best positioned to win their case.)