"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

Positive Employee Relations HR Audit (PERHA)

Developed from a combination of the Japanese Kaizen continuous improvement principles and proven Permanent Solutions Labor Consultant’s methodologies, the Positive Employee Relations HR Audit measures employee engagement levels and the overall effectiveness of your human resource department.

As part of the Positive Employee Relations HR Audit, PSLC auditors review physical environment, employee attitudes and engagement levels, leadership proficiencies and attitudes as well as the inner workings and levels of professionalism of your human resources department.

During the Positive Employee Relations HR Audit, our auditors will survey and interview a minimum of 50% of the employees from each department as well as the supervisors in order to obtain a clear picture of any issues that exist. All interviews and surveys are done anonymously, putting the employees at ease in order to encourage open dialogs to uncover issues and concerns that may be affecting morale levels and productivity.

PSLC Auditors will perform an HR Audit examining your policies and procedures, communication methodologies, general practices and employee development or training offerings. This step is concluded with a detailed survey and interview of each member of your human resources team.

Upon completion of the Positive Employee Relations HR Audit, PSLC will prepare a detailed report and offer our professional recommendations. This report will be provided to and reviewed with your executive management team to develop a plan to promote positive employee relations.