"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

"Inside Edge" Consulting Services

Union Vulnerability Index (UVI) Audit

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants, Inc. is a global consulting company providing labor relations and human resource services to clients in virtually all industries. Working in both private and public sectors, we are able to show our clients the pathway to effective, positive, and successful employee relations.

Our teams of professional auditors are able to determine how vulnerable your organization is to unionization with precision. To do this, we survey and interview your employees to gauge their engagement levels and their propensity to align themselves with a potential union-organizing situation. Intertwined into the survey and interviews is a series of question that have a direct impact on the likelihood that your organization is a favorable target for third-party representation.

How does it work?

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants works with management to organize a schedule of interviews so that all employees have the opportunity to answer questions and open up about issues that are of concern to them. The audit is done in a nature that leads employees to believe it is simply an employee satisfaction survey with some simple follow up questions. At no time is the word “union” mentioned or alluded to.

With the development of our unique process, the questions asked all hold weight relative to the likelihood of unionization should you ever be actively organized. It is the embedded “Inside Edge” questions that carry extra weight based on our insider’s perspective, having worked inside the unions, that enable us to provide you with an accurate “union vulnerability index” or UVI.

While the interviews are done confidentially, the information we discover is reported to executive management along with recommendations to bring your UVI down to safe levels.

How often should union vulnerability audits be performed?

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants recommends that once the initial audit is performed and benchmark data is established, the Union Vulnerability Audits be performed at least once annually. This allows you to realize where you are succeeding in “union proofing” your organization and where you may still need to bring some attention to.

What is the cost benefit in a union vulnerability audit?

There have been several studies that have shown that the cost of doing business with a unionized workforce vs. a union free workforce could cost as much as 30% more (or higher). By taking a proactive stance and ensuring that your organization is promoting positive employee relations consistently, you are building a firewall between your organization and the added expenses and difficulties associated with managing a unionized workforce.

What do we need to do after the audit?

Once the audit is complete you will receive a detailed report outlining the areas in which you are currently succeeding in, as well as areas that need improvement to maintain a safe UVI. This report will serve as your roadmap to ensuring you maintain a union free work environment.

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants pride ourselves in serving as good business partners with our clients. If you ever have difficulties following your roadmap, we are available to guide you along the way. The path may not be an easy one, but it is a path that must be taken to ensure you maintain your union-free status.

Each survey takes between 45 minutes and an hour. The process includes a Likert style section, open answers and one-on-one interviews with PSLC consultants. By doing the survey in this style, our trained survey professionals are able to not only compile data from the Likert portion, but also read into body language, spoken answers, and other non-oral signs of tension and deception.