Dissecting the Quickie Election

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants recently handled one of Michigan's first Quickie Elections. It was an educational experience as, despite how prepared we were for the campaign, the Board (NLRB) still managed to throw several curveballs our way.

Ricardo Torres
Clifford L. Hammond
Bob Carroll


Our host, Bob Carroll, and PSLC's Rick Torres both recently handled one of the first Quickie Election union campaigns to be held in the state of Michigan. They are joined by Nemeth Law's Cliff Hammond to discuss the inner workings of Quickie Elections and some of the changes that anyone facing a union campaign needs to be aware of. The Board (NLRB) is clearly showing just how pro-union they are. Now that companies have shown that they can still succeed in remaining union-free under the constraints of a 24-day election cycle, we are now facing an 18-day (and possibly as short as 14-day) election cycle. Given this alarming trend in the NLRB's one-sided campaign to promote union organization, the information presented in this episode is even more important than originally anticipated.


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