"Working Edge" Pre-Employment Job Fitness Testing

"Working Edge" Pre-Employment Job Fitness Testing

Permanent Solutions Labor Consultants has, since its founding, focused on helping discover and implement restructuring companies' DNA to promote the best of the best in employee and labor relations. One area that we have been reviewing the past few years is helping companies obtain and retain employees who fit into the DNA profile. We have finally accomplished this goal!

Asking a job candidate to describe her skills or perspective in an interview can be informative. Asking a job candidate to demonstrate her skills and to show how she would behave in a situation is an entirely different concept. Organizations now have an opportunity to test drive their candidates and observe how they are likely to perform on the job with behavioral simulations.

We are pleased to introduce the "WorkingEdge", a comprehensive pre-employment job fitness test that also assists interviewers to further eliminate less than optimal applicants who slip by traditional tests.

The tests behind the "WorkingEdge" were initially developed by Polaris Assessment Systems, a team of Industrial Psychologists whose vision perfectly matched PSLC's. We have partnered to bring you pre-employment testing that will allow you to match the content of the test to your actual job duties, needs and corporate DNA. Our goal is to provide you with a workforce that works with management to find solutions to problems, is punctual, and is committed to being a lasting asset to your organization. "WorkingEdge" fulfills these goals and is suitable for both union and non-union environments. We even generate interview questions that include descriptions of what to look for in an answer and have been reviewed by experts, including attorneys, so you can rest assured that you are asking safe questions to ensure the best fit for your organization.

"WorkingEdge" has been developed to meet all EEOC/DOL guidelines and has been through a rigorous validation process. The best feature for our clients is that the test is affordable and can be implemented in a little as one week.

For more information, or a free demonstration, please contact Bob Carroll at 734.536.7829. For a sample Candidate Summary Report, including recommended interview questions, please click here.

Quick and Effortless

"WorkingEdge" tests typically take about 20-25 minutes for the applicant to complete. Anyone with basic computer skills can administer the test as all of the processing work is done for you in the cloud. The results of the tests are immediately available after the candidate completes the test.

  Candidate Status
  • The Candidate Summary Report contains:
    • An overall "Candidate Status (Low, Average, or High)
    • A graphic profile of scores (represented on a "stanine" scale)
Score Profile
    • Text descriptions that provide a brief interpretation of the scores attained by the candidates.
Score Detail

Increase Hiring Effectiveness

"WorkingEdge" can cut the "Bad Hires" (false positives) in half while increasing the proportion of "Outstanding Hires" by at least 50%. This is done in four steps:

  1. Use "WorkingEdge" to screen potential employees for their capabilities and job fitness.
  2. Use "WorkingEdge" to assist with an enhanced behavioral interview.
  3. Perform your reference checks.
  4. Decide whether to hire or not.

Below are some of the typical characteristics measured in "WorkingEdge" tests:

By implementing the "WorkingEdge", you can reduce turnover and add employees who fit your business needs, culture, and DNA. This will result in savings over traditional hiring and training methods, while, at the same time, increasing productivity through a long-term, satisfied and engaged workforce.